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Kwahadi Museum of the American Indian



      Welcome to the Kwahadi Kiva Indian Museum and Event Center!  We hope you will come often….and stay long!


 The Kiva was built as the dream of the Kwahadi Dancers, Venture Crew 9.  It is owned an operated by Kwahadi Heritage, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)3 foundation.  The Kwahadi Kiva Indian Museum features fine art and interesting exhibits of the crafts and cultures of the Pueblo and Plains Indian people, featuring the works of Thomas E. Mails and bronze artist, Tom Knapp.  The center has two performance areas for the Kwahadis and visiting performance groups, the indoor Kiva and the outdoor Plaza.


The Kwahadis present the summer pageant of Native dance styles, Song of the Eagle, on most Friday and Saturday nights throughout the summer.  Call for information.  Enjoy a bar-b-que dinner, tour the museum, and enjoy and enjoy the colorful and exciting show under the stars.  Bring the entire family and enjoy a unique evening in the adobe ambience of the Kiva!

 The Kiva is the “gathering place” for many local events and meetings.  Traveling church groups, Scout groups, and tour buses arrive daily during the summer to tour the museum and enjoy the performance.  The Kiva youth hostel provides a clean safe place for youth groups to spend the night and plenty of hot showers to refresh weary travelers.  It’s also a gathering place for “shoppers!”  The Kiva Museum Trading Post features the fine creations of hundreds of Native artisans, including jewelry, weavings, pottery, carvings, reproductions of the old style things, and contemporary curiosities.  You can find music, incense, Kwahadi souvenirs, books, Pendleton blankets, and a large variety of craft supplies.  Come be pleasantly surprised at the Kiva trading post!


The Kwahadi Dancers...

The Kwahadi Dancers are officially Venture Crew 9 of the Golden Spread Council. We are sponsored by Kwahadi Heritage, Inc., a nonprofit 501c3 corporation.

We believe participation in Scouting...

Will provide many worthwhile life experiences and growth opportunities for youth and volunteer adults. Our two goals are, most importantly, for each boy to earn the rank of Eagle Scout in his own troop, and also to earn the rank of Chief. We want to provide fun and worthwhile activities which enable adults and youth to work together. We believe an exciting way for adults and youth to work together is through the preparation and presentation of our folkart shows. Performing before live audiences provides thrilling and stimulating environments in which to practice important life skills such as teamwork, planning, cooperation, responsibility, and leadership.

The Kwahadi program...

Is a magical combination of Scouting, Indian Lore, and showbiz. Working together, we seek to achieve our goals of developing boys physically and mentally, encouraging boys to remain in Scouting, sharing our gifts from Indian friends in high quality performances, and providing high adventure filed with educational and leadership experiences.

The success of our show is very important to the success of our entire program. The Kwahadis preserve a tremendous collection of folkart, traditions, artifacts, and art which must be interpreted to our audiences in meaningful and entertaining ways. It is not our intent to pretend to be Native Americans. The most valuable use of the wonderful gifts of our Indian friends is that our knowledge be used to benefit our scouts and young people everywhere we travel.